E-Transfer Instructions

E-Transfer Recipient (same as always):slsvpfinance@gmail.com
Security Question: Title of the sculpture in MFH?
Answer: LestWeForget

Ensure that you identify in the comment section of the e-transfer

1) who you are; and

2) what the payment is for.

Warning: The more you deviate from these instructions, the more likely I am to reject your transfer until you get it right.

Reimbursement Instructions

1) Fill out the form: Download Form

2) Print and sign the form

3) Attach receipts

4) Submit to the SLS VP Finance: slsvpfinance@gmail.com 


A copy of the form with photos or scanned copies of the receipts can be sent to slsvpfinance@gmail.com to expedite the process, but a physical copy of the signed form and the receipts is required to receive a cheque.

Sales Platform use Request form: Download

1) Download and read the request form along with the use policy.

2) Complete the Form and submit to SLS VP Marketing: hansik.ha@ucalgary.ca

3) You will receive a confirmation email with the link to access your sales post within 2 business days

Faculty of Law Related Clubs access to the Sales Platform on the SLS Website